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The great David Wax Museum singing “The Rumours Are True” from their latest album self-released earlier this year and mostly funded by fans, Knock Knock Get Up.

I saw the band live in London last Thursday, in the beautiful venue called The Slaughtered Lamb. The setting was incredibly cosy, with sofas and deep red lighting, so separate from the booming pub upstairs. It felt as if we were enjoying a show in our very own living room. At one point the band, who consisted of David, Suz and Greg, walked around the room serenading the audience with their songs. Every song felt so delicate and personal.

If I remember correctly, the band dedicated “The Rumours Are True” on that night to a good friend who was spending some time alone up in a far away mountain and came across this song on the crackly radio. The friend said the song had felt like a piece of home even though he was all alone.

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